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Ultimum Sports Bra (B-E Cups)
Ultimum Sports Bra (B-E Cups)

Ultimum Sports Bra (B-E Cups)

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Designed with both comfort and support in mind, this garment will compliment the many stages a mama’s body go through. It is so versatile, it has sufficient support for daily activity, but gentle enough to sleep in. If you need that little bit extra to run after bubs, jump on the trampoline, go for a walk or simply lounge, this bra will tick all the boxes.

- Removable pads with zip for quick & easy breast access

- Adjustable shoulder straps via velcro

- Adjustable back via velcro, accommodating the many changes a mama's body goes through during pregnancy, post birth & beyond. Simply adjust the velcro as much as you need for the phase you are in

- Suitable for medium to high impact sports

- Suitable for pregnancy, nursing, and beyond

- Available in sizes small (30/32) - 4XL (44), each size accommodating cups B-E (e.g. medium fits size 34B, C, D, E). However, if you still have some time of your pregnancy left, and still need to get milk, rather take a bigger size if you are already a D or E cup. The chest band of the bigger bra can easily adjust smaller, but it will give you more room in the cup

- Available in two colourways: black & charcoal

Not sure about sizing? Watch this to help you find your perfect fit. If you are still uncertain, please send a whatsapp message from this website and we will happily assist.