Frequently Asked Questions

Which size do I choose for a brief or knicker?

Look at the label of the pantie you are wearing now. If it fits comfortably, that is what you choose for our delicates too. Our patterns are designed to accommodate a full term pregnant belly, a soft post baby tum, and no-more-babies-for-a-while-thanks abs. The fabric we use has sufficient stretch to create all the room you need, but the pattern is gauged so that it still fits elegantly when you are recovering after birth or wearing it long after. To be more specific, keep this in mind:

Small = size 32

Medium = size 34

Large = size 36

X Large = size 38

XX Large = size 40

Can I wash my underwear in the washing machine?

Because we use delicate trimmings and gentle fabric, we recommend hand washing all garments, and dry them on a flat surface, preferably out of direct sunlight. If you don't have the capacity to hand wash, head over to our Shop and grab a laundry bag to use in the washing machine. Always select a delicate/gentle cycle.

Can I reuse my disposable brief?

Sure you can, but the fabric is of a different quality than the Delicate Knicker, and  not intended for many wears & washes. The idea is to save you time and effort when wanting to take care of your new little bundle. Discarding stained garments is more convenient than trying to get them clean again (: