Sizing & Measuring Yourself

One of our biggest goals is to assist mamas with the perfect size, even when buying online and being unable to fit the garment. Firstly, we have ample experience in sizing mamas through exhibiting at expos for the last four years. We have come to the conclusion over and over again that measuring can be very misleading! So step 1 - chuck away the tape! There are other more effective ways to get the perfect fit:

- Start with a bra you are wearing comfortably now. On which hook do you close it at the back? If you are pregnant, you should bee able to make the bra smaller (tighter) after bubs is born. Remember your tum and ribs take up a lot of extra chest space when expecting. This will be gone in a few months! A ribcage can shrink up to 12 months post birth. All our bras come with extenders to clip on when pregnant and needing more space. When you start losing weight post birth, you simply don't clip it on again. If you are not pregnant and nursing, the bra should also have space to go smaller at the back, as  mentioned, your chest can shrink up to 12 months post birth.

- If you stick your hand into the cup - is there space? Or does it fit perfectly? Or is it too small before you even bring your hand close? If you are pregnant, there should be sufficient space to accommodate your hand in the cup, and when you pull the cups away from your body, see a good deal of your breasts. If not, you will need a bigger cup size. If it was too small before trying to put your hand in, consider two sizes bigger. Once your milk comes in, your cups will be much fuller (in general). Also, the first six weeks your body is establishing its milk supply, so breasts tend to be very full and even engorged. This has an effect on size in a dramatic way! However, after that period and the longer you feed, breasts settle and become smaller again. So the first while should not rattle you too much if the bra might be too small! If you are in your first trimester or before 20 weeks, keep in mind your bra might get too small once milk comes in. It is a journey though, and your body is hosting many changes, so should it really be too small when nursing initially, it will fit again down the line! There is unfortunately not a one size fits all! And every woman, and even every pregnancy, is different.

- Have you heard of sister sizes? Did you know a 34C and a 36C is not the same size? Increasing chest size has an effect on the cup size, e.g.:

32DD = 34D = 36C = 38B


44F = 42E/DD = 40D

So if e.g. your 34C bra's cups are perfect, and has space for milk to come in, but the chest is just too tight, consider a 36B. The cup size will be the same, but you will have more room around the chest.

Let's discuss panties: Which size are you wearing comfortably at the moment? Or which size tights or leggings fit well? Start there. All our high waist patterns are designed to stretch over the tum, so the comfort should mostly be around bum and thighs - it should not pull or press anywhere. Remember you'll need to wear a pad for up to six weeks post birth, which also takes some space. 

If you are uncertain, or expecting twins, or even pregnant in first or beginning of second trimester, rather take one size bigger for comfort's sake. 

Should you still be uncertain, feel free to contact us